Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Bristol Urban Action Dates Posted

The dates for the ASSA Urban Action Shoots were announced - they are now posted on our calendar.

Information from the flyer is as follows:

June 5, July 3, August 7, September 4, October 2, and November 6 at the Skirmish Field range

Sign in at 8:30am Mandatory safety meeting at 9:00am

$10.00 Bristol member/ $18.00 non-member

Practice on Saturday is $10.00 and starts about 11:00am

Urban Action is fast paced action shooting using 1, 2 or 3 firearms. You will
be able to shoot a variety of reactive targets in a scenario called a “stage”, and
most matches have 5 to 6 stages. Participants will have an opportunity to
shoot from behind cover, reload “on the clock”, and move while engaging
targets of variable difficulty.

Those shooting the1-gun event will need a double action revolver with at least 5 speed loaders or a semi-auto pistol with at least 4 magazines.

The 2-gun event adds and a pump or semi-auto shotgun shooting #7 ½ lead shot or smaller.

For the 3-gun class a semi-auto or lever action pistol caliber carbine or rifle is also needed.

Rimfire .22 pistols and rifles are welcome.

Pistol and carbine ammo requirements: hard cast lead or low velocity factory
ball. No high velocity, semi-jacketed, hollow point, +P ammunition or magnum calibers.

Ammunition needed for a typical match is 150 to 175 pistol rounds, 60 to 75
rifle/carbine rounds, and 25 to 30 shotgun rounds.
(Extra ammo is recommended)

Eye protection with side shields and Ear protection is mandatory for all
spectators and participants on the field

Introductory seminars and practices are available the day before the shoot
This seminar is mandatory for new shooters

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For more information call Rick at 847-639-1866