Monday, January 17, 2011

The poor man's Shoot'n'See target...

One night, during practice, my friend Mik3 had a new trick for shooting groups...
While I was busy sticking Shoot'n'See targets on a fresh IDPA target, he was sticking a bunch of Post-It-Notes, in retina-searing pink, to his!

I managed to snap a few photos this time after we ran Pistol-Training's "Dot Torture":

What was really surprising is that from 25yards, they're very visible on the cardboard colored targets! Additionally, since Post-It's are 3"x3", they make a handy tool for measuring groups.

(Honestly, if I can hold a slow-fire 5-shot group in 3"x3" at 25yards, I think I'm good to go! - BTW, I jerked a shot high but did call it...)

Oh, and they're CHEAP: 1500 notes for ~$10.00!