Monday, March 7, 2011

Team Spartan 2-Day Advanced Pistol Course in Bristol, WI on June 25 & 26

I've said elsewhere that I've only been shooting seriously since '07. I learned everything I know from John Krupa, then put it to the test developing my skills in USPSA, IDPA, and PPC matches. I've done well for a total newbie...

Over the past few years, John has become a good friend, helping me with equipment questions, sourcing ammunition, etc. As a result, when John mentioned that he'd need help running this class I gladly volunteered my time.

It'll be on June 25th and 26 at Bristol, WI, just over the state line...

See for additional details.

2-Day Advanced Tactical Pistol Course

This intense 2-day firearms training course focuses on tactical speed shooting, development of aggressive gun-handling skills and dynamic action while deploying the semi-automatic pistol.

The concepts of dominating the weapon, threat, and all visual areas while continuously moving will be emphasized throughout the class.

Students will develop reflexive gun-handling skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while performing multiple complex tasks.

This is a fast paced, physically demanding firearms training course! Students should be in good physical condition, familiar with their equipment and have solid intermediate to advanced gun-handling skills prior to attending this firearms training course.

The following firearms training topics will be covered:

Firearms training safety review.
Principals of personal defense.
Advanced pistol methodology and concepts.
Mental conditioning and combat mindset.
Review of shooting fundamentals.
The natural action stance and thumbs forward grip.
Methodology of shooting the semi-automatic pistol.
Refining presentation of the pistol from the holster.
Refining presentation of the pistol from ready pistol.
Presentation of the pistol from position SUL.
Balancing speed and accuracy.
Tactical speed shooting concepts.
Reducing stimulus / response time.
Multi-shot progressive shooting drills.
Multi-shot rhythm drills and split time reduction strategies.
Moving off the line of force.
Threat assessment and area scanning.
Dominating the weapon, threat and visual areas.
Engaging threats while advancing and withdrawing.
Engaging threats during continuous movement.
Engaging threats from static turns and pivots.
Engaging multiple threats while negotiating obstacles.
Ammunition management and reloading techniques.
Malfunction clearance drills.
Combat gun-handling skills.
Multiple threat engagement strategies.
Drugged assailant and body armor defeating drills.
Weapon retention issues.
Disparity of force issues.
Use of the flash sight picture vs. perfect sight alignment.
Front sight proximity shooting.
Team shoot-offs on steel and paper targets.
Man vs. man stress course - combined skills evaluation.
Effects of handgun projectiles on body armor and evaluation of kinetic energy transfer and back-face signature.
Combat qualification course.
Course duration: 2 days (16 hours)

$ 335.00 - Bristol, WI. class - includes $ 60.00 range fee

Course student limit: 16

Student requirements: Firearms training equipment, eye protection, ear protection, baseball type cap, belt with holster and magazine carriers, duty pistol with at least 3 hi-capacity magazines or 5 single stack magazines.

Recommended equipment: Rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent, hydration system and water.

Ammunition requirements: 1200 rounds (minimum)
(Ammunition is available for purchase upon request)

See for additional details.