Friday, March 25, 2011

There are no magic swords

All machinery is has failure rate. Pistols are machines. Pistols have a failure rate.

If you follow Todd G's tests of popular pistol designs on, one of the things that you learn is that there are NO perfect platforms:

Slides crack. Frames break. Springs get tweaked.

As Ernest Langdon put it, manufacturers are out there to make a profit and are looking for a competitive edge in relation to all the other manufacturers. Most firearms from reputable manufacturers should work, especially when the owner/operator follows the recommended maintenance cycle, but things do happen...

Like last night.

KerryD and I rolled out to Pine Tree Pistol Club to shoot the "practice" IPSC match and after our last course of fire, one of the Master class shooters' GLOCK 34 developed a cracked breechface (sorry for the bad photo... KerryD's camera phone is a bit hazy...)

Was it from dry-fire? Was it bad steel? Was it a fluke?

Who knows...

1.) Glock is replacing the slide on the pistol.

2.) Better pictures of breechface failures in Glocks.