Monday, April 11, 2011

PPC Barricade Portion

I like shooting PPC - good time to shoot groups and meet some good folks - though I recently realized I've been approaching the barricade section incorrectly. Since I've been competing in IDPA and USPSA for so long, I've been taught to never rest the gun on the barricade and to not "crowd cover". My hits have been pretty decent, but breaking 470 consistently has been elusive!

As part of a discussion with one of the PPC League champions, he was shocked and said that he always uses his support hand thumb and index-finger to anchor the gun to the side of the barricade. To top it all off, he leans his weight into it. This, he says, stabilizes the gun and lets him focus on the accuracy.

As a recap, on the 25 yard "B-Target", a competitor fires at a 3x5 10 ring:

In 90 Seconds:
  • 6 shots from kneeling
  • 6 shots from a left-hand driving the firearm barricade
  • 6 shots from a freestyle, right-hand driving, barricade
In 24 Seconds:
  • 6 shots from standing freestyle.
50% of the shots are made from the barricade - even a moderate improvement could bring scores up considerably!

So, I tried it out - a few weekends ago, I loaded up my Ruger and some .22 to shake out the technique. I was impressed. It isn't an easy thing to do and the index finger knuckle gets tired, but the accuracy is phenomenal! (50' on a scaled B-34 PPC target instead of the B-27)