Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: Bayou Bullets

By Mik3 [Edit: We're still getting him setup on Blogger...]

Anyone who knows me knows that green is my favorite color and that I try to shoot more by saving money! So, when I learned that there was a green moly-coated lead bullet on the market, I knew I just had to get some! It has been said they are coated in Gator Snot.

I watched his demonstration video (below) and was impressed! I really wanted to see the results for myself: a lead bullet that is affordable, doesn’t smoke, leaves your barrel clean and won’t build up in a polygonal Glock barrel. It sounds perfect.

I contacted Donnie Miculek at Bayou Bullets sent him an email. Within a day he responded back to me gave me his product availability and pricing, without hesitation, I sent another email placing my order:
1000 147gr FP 9mm coated bullets!

(Donnie's site is under construction, so it is better to get a hold of Donnie directly at or (225) 324-4501)

I received the bullets a short time later. This is an image of the 9mm 147gr FP's. The picture doesn’t do them justice: they are an awesome shade of green! Also, look how clean the box is! There is nothing is coming off of these slick bullets!

They are very uniform in shape, weight, color and size. Here is a sampling of the weights of 10 bullets:

146.2, 146.4, 146.7, 146.5, 146.5, 146.5, 146.5, 146.6, 147.0, 146.3 for an Avg. Weight of 146.52gr, Avg. Length .6725" and and Avg. Diameter of .3555"

For testing I’ll be loading the bullets on a Hornady Lock and Load AP with mixed cases, CCI primers, Accurate solo 1000, powder. For accuracy, I shot out of a S&W M&P 9mm Pro.

First loading them was a breeze and I didn’t get black or green fingers. After 100 rounds, the dies and the press are still clean and working - I’m not getting any build up and things are running smooth.

Accurate arms has a load manual that you can download I am using the data for 9mm 147 LC RN and Solo 1000 powder which shows load data of 2.9gr --> 817 FPS, 3.5gr --> 923FPS at 1.145" OAL. I loaded 100 of them at 3.5 grains of Solo 1000 and OAL 1.142" and took them to the range...

They shot well and the smoke indoors was almost nonexistent! They had a tiny puff of smoke, much less than WWB. I did smell them I am not sure if it was Solo powder or the bullet - it was just a different than my standard Clays load with a jacketed bullet. Freestyle groups at 50 feet were good and could probably be better if I was better. I only shot them thru the S&W M&P 9mm Pro.

I will be ordering more of these bullets and will be using them this season in the 9mm. Everything Donnie has said about hsi product is true about them and the customer service is there too. If you see me on the range or at a match somewhere, ask to see my green bullet. I think I need some in 40sw and 45acp now...