Monday, April 18, 2011

Targets on the cheap

Cardboards targets cost $$ - 100 targets run ~$60.00 + shipping - that is $$ that can be used for ammunition or components!

A couple of Mik3's solutions have been to cut IDPA targets from scrap cardboard - he gets a ton of that! - using a jig.

Additionally, a friend keyed him onto using a stencil to spray paint dots on to the target to represent various aiming points for drills/transitions - several of these can be found on the "drills" section of

One of the big thrill-kills/momentum robbers during practice is pasting targets... While it is vitally important to know where you are hitting, it is no fun to constantly patch. The more time spent on repetitions, the better!

Our solution to this, aside from home-brewed targets, has been to glue paper targets to the shot-up cardboard... 100 sheets run only $20.00.