Monday, May 2, 2011

Match... Glock Trigger... Loading...

Scotty L, Kerry D, JCotts and I headed out to Pine Tree to shoot the monthly USPSA match... Some footage below:

Big mistake
I was reading Pistol-Training on Friday and it seems that ToddG has had a lot of success with a NY-1 & "-" (3#) connector combination in his pistol.

I decided to follow suit - it felt good during dryfire, but I had a lot of dropped shots during the match. Also, while the pull was more consistent, it was heavier and had an awkward reset for me. I switched back to a stock trigger - coil spring and 5# connector... I don't feel that it added anything.


I've now loaded 1500 rds in a day on my 550 - getting ready for my 4 days at Phil Strader's class! Going to load another 1500 over this week and next week...

Taking a break
Taking a practice break to get some more dryfire time, reloading time, and rest in. Will be shooting the 2nd to last MISS match on the 5th (Cinco De Mayo!), Aurora Sportsmen's Club IDPA on the 7th with Mik3, and MAYBE Schultz' on the 8th...