Monday, May 16, 2011

Phil Strader/Mike Seeklander Class Day 1 Teasers...

Exhausted... Learning a ton: every other sentence is a nugget of HUGE information - I've got 3 pages of notes from a class that is predicated mainly on "doing". It'll take a bit to distill all this info down to core parts, so don't expect a full AAR for a bit.

Single Stack Nationals
Both weighed in that the weather on Saturday was awful: cold and rainy, which made for difficult manipulation and relaxation. Both weren't surprised that Sevigny won, however, both were unequivocal in their praise for Leatham. They stated that a young, hyper athletic man only beat an older, motion impaired (Leatham is recovering from knee surgery!) man by 2 percentage points. Rob is just that good.

Prep routines - was surprised that Phil only fired ~650 rounds as "prep" for the match. I'll have to ask Mike what he did tomorrow...

Mike was running a S&W .45 with Warren black rear sights with a "U-notch" and a red-fiber front sight and a TechWell mag well. He was using stock S&W magazines.

Phil was running a Springfield Armory stainless .45 with Warren sights and Wilson .45 magazines.

A Teaser...