Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Phil Strader/Mike Seeklander Class Day 2 Teasers...

Another long, but fun day!

Bianchi Cup
Asked Mike and Phil about their takes on Bianchi and they said that it was grueling due to the extended wait between shooting times - there is only so much that you can practice before you are burned out. Interesting to hear that they view it more as a "technical skills test" because the shooting is so structured...

Mike Seeklander's Most Excellent Book: "Your Competition Handgun Training Program"
Managed to snag a copy from Mike - this will be reviewed in promptly, as it has moved to the top of the stack! I'm only a few pages into it, but has already reinforced some of the awesome techniques I've been learning over the past two days.

The books is meant to be used in conjunction with his logbook and there is another book that contains only the drills - if you're looking for something comprehensive, then this is it.

Anyway, Mike is an awesome instructor complimenting Phil Strader - sometimes breaking things down in different style that is perhaps more accessible to some folks. Not to mention he's a total bad-ass!

Class Picture
Scott B. managed to take a nice group photo: