Thursday, June 2, 2011

ASSA "Outlaw" 3-Gun Match at Bristol!

[I totally regret that I'll be stomping the Illinois State IDPA match with Mik3 because Brad G. and the guys who run the ASSA all-steel outlaw matches put on a great event! A writeup from a few years back is below...]

During the outdoor-friendly months some of us like to play "run 'n' gun" outside and make it a point to head out to the monthly "Urban Action" event at Bristol. Our friends at the Action Shooting Sports Association (ASSA) host these and they're a blast!

The event has grown quite a bit, due to the laid-back nature of the match and the incredible diligence and good nature with which the ASSA guys welcome and new shooters.

So what, exactly, is "Urban Action?"

Simply put, Urban Action is an offshoot of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) that allows the shooter to use modern firearms. CAS matches are usually geared towards shooting steel against the clock - i.e. your raw time is your score.

Since it is all steel, there is no annoying taping to deal with and the match progressing quickly! (The one possible downside is that all movement is usually lateral...)

1-gun, 2-gun, 3-gun… 4 FUN!

Being an offshoot (no pun intended) of CAS, UA is generally geared towards 2- and 3- gun shooters. (2-gun usually means pistol and shotgun and 3-gun means pistol, shotty, and carbine), though pistol-only folks to come out an compete too.

Now here is where the lack of rules and constraints gets REALLY fun: you can compete with almost any pistol as long as it isn't a magnum, which means that racing a 22 is allowed - it just puts you ion the "open division". It is cheap and fun to shoot these and most of the time I shoot using an Advantage Arms conversion kit for my GLOCK - though there is a fair amount of time dedicated to practicing "tap-rack-curse-bang" and detail stripping when shooting a .22.

For shotty's, pump actions guns abound, as do a few double barrels. Using a semi-automatic shotgun also bumps you up to "open".

Perhaps the only big caveat is that you can rifles are strictly limited to pistol caliber carbines - though shooting a .22 here won't bump you up to "open division'

For clarity's sake, the divisions are:
1 gun revolver: You're shooting only a revolver.
1 gun semi-auto: You're shooting only a semi-auto.
1 gun open: You're shooting only a .22 OR race gun.

2-gun revolver: Above plus pump-action.
2-gun semi-auto: Above plus pump-action.
2-gun open: You're shooting a race gun or 22 OR you're shooting an autoloading shotty.

3-gun revolver
3-gun semi-auto
3-gun open

Personally, I just head out with a pistol and try to shoot the FAR rifle plates - where else can you try to engage 40-50 yard targets with a pistol for fun?

How much?

The event is $15.00 for CCKC members, $18.00 for non-members and $5.00 for CCKC RO's. Usually they break into 3-squads and shoot anywhere between 3 and 6 stages for about 200 rounds of ammunition and up to 30 shells. Basically, you're getting your money's worth. They start squadding at 8:30, shooting by 9, finish by 11:30ish.