Monday, June 20, 2011

Major Match Results!

USPSA's Area 5 was this past weekend down in Barry, IL - which I totally dropped the ball getting registered for - while Mik3 was away at IDPA's Grand Carolina Cup!

IDPA results are pretty easy to digest - the raw time is the score - so...

CDP - Glenn Shelby
ESP - Ernest Langdon
SSP - Bob Vogel
ESR - Cliff Walsh
SSR - David Morse

Mik3 finished 6th (of 32) SSP Expert.

Interestingly, Caleb G. from "GunNuts" was out there and managed to put that SigTacPro to good use and finish 9th (of 15) in CDP Master, beating Ken Hackathorn!

I tend to look at a lot of results from USPSA majors since the scoring profiles can sometimes lend great insight as to what the tops dogs are doing right.

Limited - Manny Bragg
Open - Todd Jarrett
Production - Ben Stoeger

Since I'm a production shooter, I usually breakdown my analysis to examine the Open division, since it indicates how fast a stage could be moved through if sighting and reloading concerns were minimized. Next I look at Limited division to analyze how fast a stages could be run if sighting was still a concern, but reloads were minimized. Finally, I look at Production to see how bad I would get my ass kicked... The trick is to find the high-point stages (highest "Stage Points" number), as these are indicative of higher round-count stages that probably require more movement and manipulation.

For example, look at Stage 10, "Double Back", a 160 pt stage (32 rounds) (the stage is at 41 seconds in...), between the 3 shooters mentioned, all of the runs were first or second places finishes!

A guy running an Open gun runs it in 20.91, Limited in 21.52, Production 24.50 - reloading adds a lot of time as does trying to really nail A-zone hits!

Anyway, USPSA scoring is pretty rich, so I won't go into it here, but will direct you to a handy primer: