Sunday, June 5, 2011

Somebody has fun!

Just fyi - I started this blog because I was frustrated that there were so many cool venues to shoot, but many of the competitors weren't "crossing over", examining some of the venues in their own back yards. Today, this blog/calendar has fulfilled it's purpose:

Steve G, a smokin' USPSA limited shooter and member of the "Awfull Shooting Squad", went out to shoot the all-steel match at Bristol - which is essentially a "Cowbody Action" style match!

Most importantly, he had fun!

I truly love ALL of the venues that I compete at - and yes, there are some that are more convenient than other - but sometimes, when you just want to go and shoot and try something out, looking at the calendar can point you in the right direction... Trigger time is good time!

Thanks to Les over at for pointing this event out to us. What was going to be a boring old lazy Sunday turned into a day for us to go shoot!

Bristol Shooting Ranges ( hosted an all steel Urban Action Shoot which was run by the Action Shooting Sports Association ( today. They describe it as exactly like cowboy action shooting, except with modern guns.

Regardless, it was awesome and extremely useful as a training aid. I'm having a hard time putting words to use to explain just how much I feel like I got out of this. Considering there was nothing but hit-or-miss targets, missing was not something you wanted to do out there on these stages, especially after seeing how far some of those plates were.

Then there was the issue of ten rounds per mag. What can I say, I'm a Limited shooter and this is not something I came prepared for, as evidenced by my frequent slide lock (slide lock? who put that back in?!), as well as my fumbling with a few reloads.

Either way, I see myself coming back here next month. We bumped into more than a few familiar faces, the ASSA guys are awesome hosts, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these matches as a good way to challenge yourself or to build up some essential accuracy skills!