Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Team Spartan Weekend

Had a great time at Bristol over the weekend helping John Krupa run his 2-Day Pistol class, a lot of good shooters - peppered with some familiar faces - all hungry for knowledge and aspiring to do better!

I felt honored to help John out - I've learned a ton from him over the years, and while I've gone in a decidedly different direction ("Sport Shooting"), his lessons on mindset and tactics are NOT lost on me.

One thing I've always appreciated in the Spartan Classes is the stress-element through the use of man vs. man drills, such as a the dueling trees or steel popper races. People almost always rise to the challenge and push themselves out of their comfort zones.

Additionally, a lot of the Spartan Classes, since they are largely designed for training police, involved a lot of shoot!/no-shoot! scenarios where John mixes in confusing verbal language into the drills:
Challenge meaning: "Verbally engage the potential target"
Threat meaning "shoot a target with a few rounds, as appropriate, then assess and begin a scan"
Ineffective meaning "Re-engage targets and shoot 1-2 shots on a reactive target (the swinger), before assessing and scanning."

Some of the time, John will call out "wrong" commands like "Shoot!" or "FIRE!", to which many folks will react - sometimes causing "contagious fire."

Sobering, exhausting, but time well spent!