Sunday, June 5, 2011

WIIL Shooting at the 2011 IL State Match

Two words: Desert Ribeye!

That's right, we had the WIILSHOOT Prius loaded up with steak, veggies, my grill as we set out for a night of serious eating! With food like that, who wouldn't be prepared to totally rock the 2011 Illinois State IDPA Match?

And rock we did: We shot consistently and well enough to take home a few awards: Mik3 ended up winning High Veteran and taking 1st SSP Expert (no bump), while I fought pretty hard to win 2011 Illinois State SSP Champion!

(We were both sporting Ernest Langdon shirts in hommage to his performance last year! - By the way, check out his new site:

Also rocking was the fact that we managed to get squadded up with Aaron Parmenter, IDPA champ, 3-gun shooter, and owner of of AP Customs, maker of some seriously cool shot-shell caddies! Check it out:

We've always learned a lot from watching Aaron shoot and today was no different!

Also on our squad was Otis Lawrence, who is always a super nice guy and great CDP competitor!

The weather was hot, hovering around 95F in the sun, but there was some cloud cover and a mild breeze that managed to push the humidity away. Match director John Abbott had 12 stages set out for us and a crew of SO's (thanks guys!) that were "straight-up" and were issuing consistent calls, which is always a pleasure. Most of the stages turned out to be pretty lefty-unfriendly, much to Mik3's lament, but the shooting wasn't convoluted or "tricky".

Here are some highlights: