Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Front Sight Focus

We've all heard the adage, "Front Sight, Press..." when it comes to shooting. It encapsulates a lot of the fundamental techniques involved in pistol shooting:

  • Front sight focus

  • Constant triggering/take-up

  • Surprise break

  • Followthrough, etc...

The trouble is that that the rigid focus on the front sight can "wash out" as stages get progressively confusing/disorienting, with moving targets and/or movement... Below are some suggestions for ways to re-develop adequate sight technique.

Slowing Down

Slowing down and working on group shooting is an excellent way to redevelop the mental traits necessary to precision shooting.
Additionally, methodical dry fire with hard front sight focus and triggering, a la's Wall Drill, is a great way to tune your vision into seeing what it must see to make accurate front-sight driven shots.

Without these fundamentals, going faster may just reinforce bad habits or sloppy sight picture.

Speeding Up

If keeping front sight focus through groups or dry fire isn't an issue, then perhaps the distraction of the target/flash/etc are interrupting the mental skills necessary to continually focus on the front sight. Luckily, Phil Strader has an excellent suggestion:

If you don't know what a "Bill Drill" is, check out Mik3:

Putting it All Together

Transitioning from close to far targets seems to be the easiest way to develop the ability to keep all the skills together.'s "X Drill" is handy.

As focus shifts to a larger target from a smaller target, cadence generally increases and vice versa. With much movement of the gun, sight picture and focus on what part of the target you are hitting at become very important!