Monday, July 18, 2011

Long, hot weekend...

A few of us headed up to shoot the Wisconsin Sectional north of Madison at the Winnequah Gun Club. It was, well, Grueling would be the right word for it: 99F in the shade, many malfunctions - both mental and equipment related: magazine jams, my Glock failed when debris kept it from going into battery, etc. (Wow! 240 Pts down in penalties!!)

The match itself was a lot of fun - the shooting was pretty much straight up - and we did ok:
Scotty "Lightening" managed to take 2nd C, JCotts walked away with 1st D and I ran on autopilot well enough to finish 8th in production class.

A few of us are going to have video, but here's Ben Stoeger's masterful, winning performance:

If anything, this has reinvigorated me to work harder and put in the hours practicing - Wisconsin IDPA match is a few weeks away!