Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Weekend & Projects!

Sorry for the lack of posts - Spent the past weekend helping John Krupa of Team Spartan with his Tactical Speed Shooting class in Bristol, WI and have been spending a significant amount of time dialing in the new Dillon 1050.

Decided to treat myself to making shooting more a bit easier - again I was spending so much time reloading on my 450 that I decided to step it up to the next level and get a machine that would feed my addiction with the greatest ease.

This thing is awesome:

Spartan Class

The course condenses some of the transitions & steel target rep-work from his excellent Speed on Steel course and reiterates some of the fundamentals of holster work, reloads, and trigger prep. I'm always stoked to hear John's breakdown of the fundamentals since it engrains those concepts a bit more in my brain...

Additionally, it is always fun to see folks getting pumped up via the "man vs. man" stress drills and standards drills - most folks rise to the challenge!

Lastly, we managed to have some fun:

Mik3 and I have the WI IDPA Match coming up on the 6th, then I'm going to hit Bristol on the 7th for the most awesome outlaw match...