Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pine Tree Thursday Night IPSC Update

From the PTPC President:

Fellow shooters, as of this Sunday night, on the 24th of July we have endured 10 days of our USPSA program being suspended for a “Safety Stand Down” that I initiated. After the violations of safe procedures that I personally witnessed, that decision was reached easily although one I did not take lightly.

We as a group of competitive shooters, whether experienced by years of matches and thousands of rounds of practice or new to the sport, are viewed by our fellow club members in a different light with varying degrees of acceptance. However, if there is one thing that is consistent it is that we are held to a high standard of safety. Our sport has endured years of competitions without a single serious accident and each one of us is responsible for keeping it that way. Pine Tree Pistol Club will be a leader in continuing that standard.

I want to be clear that I blame no one for the events leading up to my decision. I am as accountable as anyone. Many professions have proven time and again that serious accidents are not cause by a single failure but rather a series of events that could have been prevented had a single link in the chain been broken. I simply took the step necessary to break that chain of events.

Our Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday evening. It is appropriate that I will be absent and that the meeting will be chaired by your very talented VP Brian Frayne. Having made this difficult decision, I should not influence the debate for its outcome. It will be up to Board to develop a plan to go forward. By no means do any of us desire to stop our practices or matches. However I have directed and expect a set of guidelines to be developed that will be followed in the future.

You as a member of this club and an active participant in shooting sports also have a responsibility. If you’re an “old fart” rethink your standards, review the rules, and be a mentor for our new shooters. If you’re a new shooter, watch and listen; become a member of USPSA and learn the rules. And always be a safe shooter.

There will be a shooter meeting on the 28th at 6pm and we will shoot after that. I will personally get some stages set up that we will all enjoy. I look forward to seeing everyone.