Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Team Spartan Updates - Updated

UPDATE: The Bristol board voted this week stop training on the skirmish field. The July class will proceed, but the two classes mentioned below are on hold, pending, if they'll be run.

Looks like they've decided to pull the "Speed on Steel" class in August and offer 2, 1-day courses instead. Not a bad idea as the SOS course is exhausting. The calendar has been updated.

1-Day Carbine Class: August 27, 2011

Due to the restrictions on the skirmish field, only pistol caliber carbines will be allowed, though I'm under the impression that you might be able to ask Krupa to use a DSA ZM-4 converted to fire 9mm.

More details and registration form at TeamSpartan.com

1-Day Shotgun Class: August 28, 2011

On Sunday, there is a great shotgun course available!

Again, details and registration form are at TeamSpartan.com.

I'll be helping out at the carbine class and taking the shotgun class - been wanting to get into some 3-gun and this might be a good time to learn some good skills...