Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun Weekend: Bristol Buffalo Hunt Club (Part 2)

Chris K finally got some footage of Buffalo Hunting!

Ever since Jerry G. (who got me into USPSA) convinced me that, yes, my .22 WOULD hit the buffalo plate without having to dick around with holdunder/over/Kantucky windage, etc, I've been taking shots at him whenever possible... See, he's a smart beast, he's not at every match - thus, on the days when he's out there, I do my "Buffalo Hunt Club" ritual:

On the clock, I take a shot at the Buffalo. If I hit him (I usually do at least once...) I get to eat Pizza (I don't eat much pizza... )

So, this year, I extend the offer to all esteemed Buffalo Hunt Club members: After a MISS Match, where I can make it to pizza at the Fox Hole, dinner is on me.

Getting into the nitty-gritty, The Buffalo represents a fear that a lot of shooter have with their abilities: Can I hit something that far? Am I good enough? Once you break through and do this, the possibilities are endless...

Scores are posted. Massive props to Lunchbox (#2!) and Moose from the AW-Full Shooting Squad, Tripwire and Capt. Awesome from MISS and NSPPL, Chris, JCotts, and EK from my neck of the woods, and the LeRoy clan also from NSPPL. Many thanks to the RO's - I had to cruise after the match, next time I promise I'll help tear down.