Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun Weekend: WI State IDPA Match and Bristol (Part 1)

2011 Wisconsin State IDPA Match

First off - here's some highlights of the match:

I never knew that Ripon, WI was the birthplace of the Republican party; on the way back from the Wisconsin State IDPA match we managed to pass by the "Little White Schoolhouse" where they got their start. As a kid I used to come up to the area to fish Green Lake with my dad - back then it never struck me that I'd be here as an adult competing hard to try to win…

After the match Mik3 and I kicked over to see if some of my old memories were still there - good news was: yes, they were!

More good news is that, while I didn't take the Championship like in Illinois, Brian Crucius (of Schultz and NISA) did! (~15s FASTER and Nate Berg and I!)

I did manage to take "Most Accurate" with 23 down the entire, convoluted match and did well enough to take 2nd High Master in SSP. Also in SSP, Tony A., won SSP EX and managed to beat 2 Master Class shooters! (Dunno if he'll get a bump as one guy may have been ranked incorrectly...)

In ESP, Jason Carillo took home the Championship - congrats JC!
Mik3 managed to hold his own and took home 2nd High Expert in ESP, High Industry, and High-Veteran with his M&P 40 Longslide (not enough of 'em to be considered SSP).

Overall, it was a fun match with great stages. A big "Thank You" to all the SO's, Director Tom Ropers, and Area Coordinator Dr. Jim Williams (of "Tactical Anatomy: Shooting with X-Ray Vision" fame): your hard work makes these great matches possible!

Part 2 I'll have to post later (Chris K has some videos that I need to edit)... Stay tuned!