Tuesday, August 23, 2011

“Ok, Now You Have Opened a Can of Worms”

“Ok, now you have opened a can of worms”.
-Ernest Langdon. When asked about trigger control.

The more you shoot, be it pistols or rifles, the more one realizes that trigger control is really the heart of the beast.

Sight alignment is easy for almost anyone to accomplish - we use our eyes everyday on tasks FAR more complicated than lining out sights or an optic - but the fine control of breaking the shot is somewhat elusive when folks are starting out.

We flinch. And Pull. And Mash. And wonder why if it is the gun or the load, or both?

The good news is that dryfire helps. The good news is that work with a .22 helps. The bad news is that as much as Doug and Jerry (see vids below) will explain, you have to examine this premise for yourself and learn what is necessary for you to make each shot count.

So, with many thanks to the NSSF, here are Champions Jerry Miculek and Doug Koenig talking about triggering: