Wednesday, August 31, 2011

USPSA "Illinois Sectional"

If you're interested in being an RO for the "IL Sectional", get in touch with Ray Hirst (Ray DOT Hirst AT gardnerdenver DOT com)

To all,
With no other club stepping forward to do a Illinois Sectional Eric Griggs
and I have decided we will do a real simple one day match at PASA Park. The
cost will only be $25 for 9 stages, 200 plus rounds. There will be no prize
table, no plaques, etc. There will only be good fun stages to shoot. Please
forward this note and registration sheet to your email lists.

It's not required that you pre register but it would guarantee you a spot.
You can simply show up the morning October 16th and register and take your
chances that we don't fill the match. We will squad up and go shooting as
soon as possible after we get everyone registered as noted on registration

We will need 18 RO's to work the stages October 16th. The RO's will shoot
the match for free on Saturday October 15th. At $25 entry fee we can't pay
for a room for anyone. Please contact Eric Griggs or myself about working
the match. I will be out of pocket and off this email starting 4:30pm
October 2nd until October 26th so contacting Eric would be a better idea if
you're using email.

Hope you can make it.

Ray Hirst