Monday, September 5, 2011

Gear at Cabela's In Hoffman Estates, the weekend, Twitter...


Stopped by Cabela's in Hoffman Estates on Saturday...

They've got some nice gamer-gear that someone traded/consigned:

  • Canyon Creek open gun in .38 super with an aimpoint and a sweet ~1.5# trigger.
  • Sti Edge in .40 with ~1# trigger!
  • JP Ent. AR15.
  • PTR 91 with better trigger pack.
  • Win. SX2 (FN SLP, essentially) shotty.
  • Win SX3 shotty. 
Price was really reasonable on all the stuff!

Additionally, powder was reduced price - not quite as good as Powder Valley, Inc, but if you're running low, maybe not a bad choice.

The Weekend:

Pine Tree had their 1st of the month match, North Porter had USPSA, and Bristol had their fun match.

We tore up Bristol:
(UPDATE: Sometimes Bristol takes a few days to update the site - results are here:

The Gutt's tore up PTPC:


And looks like TD did pretty well at North Porter...


I'm toying with the idea of publishing some notices (such as a the Cabela's) post on Twitter - In my mind, it isn't real content and is more of a notice. Wondering how many of you are on twitter?!/WIILSHOOTCOM