Friday, September 23, 2011

GSSF Matches at Schutlz

I think I'm going to rollout and shoot a few divisions... Brian C., who is running it, is WI SSP State Champ 2010 and 2011, and, most importantly, a class act!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 5th annual Badger State Classic will be held at Schultz Resort Rod & Gun Club October 1st&2nd. This match is sponsored and run by GSSF. If you have never shot an outdoor GSSF match, the match is made up of three fairly simple courses of fire and takes about 1 hour to complete. You can enter in as many as 6 different divisions (5 divisions for masters). A Glock pistol must be used in this competition. You will need about 100 rounds per entry (less for heavy metal). Shooters have a chance to win Glock pistols and other prizes by both random drawing and performance. Amature and masters do not compete for the same prizes in most divisions, so everyone has a good chance of winning guns, and or cash. Three person teams can also compete for additional awards. Rules and courses of fire are posted at

Registration is from 9-3 Saturday and 9-2 Sunday. You can pre-register
at or simply walk on.

There will be a Glock factory armorer at the match and he will provide
free replacement parts and repairs.

ROs/score keepers - ROs/score keepers receive either a free match or
other item each day they work. We will also provide free lunch to the
staff. Please contact me if you are willing to work either, or both days.
Also, Schultz members who need to fuflill work hour requirements can
meet there entire requirement if they work both days, or one match day plus setup on friday.

If you have any questions, or plan to work the match, please contact me at the number, or email shown below. Thank you.
Link to map:


Brian Crucius