Friday, September 2, 2011

T-Shirts? Bristol? Too many guns?

A couple of things as we head into the long weekend:


No doubt, you've seen the poll at the top of the blog asking if you'd consider buying a shirt with the WIILSHOOT logo...

We've gotten a few requests for shirts/stickers/etc and I'm just trying to figure out how many to order, as I'm not to keen on having a stack of shirts, one for everyday of the year, in my closet...


I'm guessing the first run will be black with the same logo you see here... Stickers to follow?

Bristol Steel

Mik3 and I will be at Bristol having fun this weekend! The past few weeks have seen a lot of family stuff, a shotgun class (more later), so I haven't made it to any USPSA matches.

Shotgun Class

Still working on the article/review - almost done!

Too Many Guns?

Andrew from the most excellent Vuurwapen Blog posted a thought provoking video about people feeding the collection addiction. His video is below:

I see pretty much eye-to-eye with him - except I strongly feel that a .22 pistol is extremely important in training, even for sports like USPSA. See, I truly think that these are accuracy games while most folks think that these are speed games - learning trigger control and shot-calling from a .22 is money and time well spent... Thoughts?