Monday, October 24, 2011

Aurora Sportsmen's Club IDPA Results - October 2011

ASC IDPA Results are up!

Managed to take 1st place in SSP at Aurora Sportsmen's Club IDPA match this Sunday. John Sarinas was on my heels big time!! (Dude! You're going to cramp my style!)

CDP 1st place went to Jay Carillo and ESP 1st Place went to Milan Kosanovic of McIDPA!

Additionally, some interesting insights about IDPA scoring:

1.) For most IDPA matches, you can estimate (more of a WAG) the score cutoff as # of stages x 18. Why? 18rds is the limit for most IDPA stages and you're generally doing well if you're shooting ~1rd a second, overall, per stage.

For Sunday's match, for example, 18 x 6 = 108 seconds. If you are below, or close to that line, you're doing EXCELLENT!

Even if the stages are ~12-14 rounds, we've found that, overall, a winning total times is going to be plus/minus 10% of that guess.

2.) Compare your raw time to the total time; i.e. What % of your overall scores was due to penalties or hits down?

If you're getting roughly 90% or better of your hits, then that is excellent. IDPA is very much an accuracy game with an element of speed wrapped around it. If you are much above that 90% mark, consider speeding up. If you are FAR below, consider gaining in accuracy.