Friday, October 21, 2011

More Regarding Bristol...

Got a few comments coming in here. Cool - 'bout time there was a discussion, even if anyonmous and on an semi-obscure blog. Additionally, Sebastian has posted a second entry regarding the 1.0vs2.0 culture. Check it out.

A few things/disclosures:

1) I have help John Krupa of Team Spartan on and off for the past few years and am best considered an Adjunct Instructor.
2.) I learned most of what I know from John and the other Team Spartan instructors.
3.) I am not, or was ever, a Bristol member.

Some of the comments coming in are about the fact that training was mandated not to use the Skirmish Field due to safety reasons... If this is the case, why were ANY matches and or training allowed on the skirmish field? Were the BOD derelict in their duties?

On to the comments, a Fisking if you will:

Enough with the speculation of what is going on at bristol ranges.

This is my blog, I'll say it is enough when I want.

Let me address the ccw thing. The Board of Directors made this decision with safety in mind not anti ccw. Everyone knows that it is illegal to speed. But everyone has seen how hard it is to keep it at 55 or 65 mph when traffic is passing you by at 10 to 20 mph or better. At bristol target changes at the rifle range are done by the people shooting only after the range officers check the firing line to insure that the chamber are opened and mags are out of the firearm. How can we call a safe line if there are cock and lock guns that are concealed.

That is the most retarded argument I've ever heard. Really.

If the State of Wisconsin entrusts these folks to carry concealed in public, no less, and they're not blasting away there, why would it be any different here?

It doesn't matter what the reason for banning CCW at Bristol was as it amounts to the same argument an anti-Gunner would trump up to ban CCW anywhere else.

I myself don't want to be down range when two guys decide to compare notes on their ccw guns. Now getting back to the speeding analogy, just because you have a ccw does not mean that you won't stretch the rules. This is especially true at a firearm friedly venue. Before this decision was made extensive research was done via the internet. It was found that about seventy percent of of ranges like Bristol in ccw states also did the same for the same safety reasons. This does not affect the action sports.

Look, if people are acting unsafe, Kick them out! Maybe if your range policy isn't accounting for the new, CCW-friendly reality, then perhaps Bristol needs to change their process.