Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NPCCC & Oak Park USPSA Match Results

What an action packed weekend!

A big group of WIILSHOOTERS headed out to North Porter County's Steel Plate match on Saturday to try our hand at 5 challenging Steel Challenge-eque stages. The weather was perfect and it was a pleasure to "get in, get done, get out" in a hurry!

WIILSHOOT managed to have a strong showing in limited and open divisions: I managed to take 1st while Mik3 took 7th in limited division out of 57 shooters! Scotty "Lightening" rocked 2nd place in open division out of 7, seasoned open shooters.

In rimfire division, sadly, my Advantage Arms kit wasn't up to the task: had a slew of jams. time to really need to order a new recoil spring assembly and do a deep cleaining on the slide. Scotty's run was solid and he took a solid 4th place rimfire finish.

A pleasure, as always, to see 2011 WI IDPA ESP Champ Jay Carillo and fellow McIDPA shooter John S. out there!

Some of the better runs below:

Mik3's 4.40s run!

Scotty, Les and Chris

On Sunday, Chris K, Tony A and Scotty "Lightening" among others rolled out to Oak Park Sportsmen's Club to shoot the USPSA match - picking another perfect day to get outside! Tony managed to take 1st and Chris managed to rock 2nd in Production class!

Not bad at all!