Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pine Tree PPC and Pine Tree USPSA

I'm sorry to say that the monthly reminder for Pine Tree's Thursday night practice match fell off the radar... This has been corrected!

Additionally, Pine Tree is starting monthly PPC matches on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Details are here, on the calendar and also below!

2011 PPC Matches at Pine Tree will be on the second Sunday of the month from November through March of 2012. Cost is $5.00 for Pine Tree members and $8.00 for non-members. Shooting starts at 8:00am and ends at 12:00pm.

PPC is a revolver "friendly" type of target shooting and is a great way to get a new shooter into competition and hone the skills of sight alignment and trigger control. For those without a lot of time or money to spend on the firing line, the PPC course of fire is something that can be practiced to perfection through dry firing with dummy ammunition at home. For anyone looking for a shooting game that offers some variety in shooting positions and requires total focus and mental discipline, PPC is hard to beat. The nice feature of PPC is its relatively relaxed pace - with speedloaders anyone can meet the time limits and you don't have to be atheletic to do well.

Pine Tree Minimum equipment required:
-a handgun, usually a six-shot revolver of .22 caliber or above, but semi-auto's are fine too.
-a holster and sturdy belt (must be "strong-side", no crossdraw or shoulder rigs)
-3 speedloaders or 4 magazines (3 is a bare minimum, the more the better)
-a loading tray (unless you have 10 speedloaders)
-a bucket or tray for your reloads and empty cartridge cases
-belt mounted speedloader holders for at least three loaders
-eye and ear protection
-At least 60 rounds of ammunition

Many PPC shooters use .38 Special Smith & Wesson K or L frame revolvers, but semi-autos are allowed. There are many modifications that can be done, but a stock gun will be fine to get started. Trigger jobs, custom grips, heavy barrels and sight ribs are among the most popular modifications. Optical sights, ports or compensators, and barrels over 6 inches in length are specifically disallowed.

PPC 48 Round Combat Course

Full size revolver or semi auto pistol.


Segment 1 - Twelve (12) rounds in twenty-five (25) seconds at seven (7) yards.

Segment 2 - Twelve (12) rounds in twenty-five (25) seconds at fifteen (15) yards.

INTERMISSION - Reload magazines and speedloaders.


Segment 3 - Eighteen (18) rounds in ninety (90) seconds at twenty-five (25) yards. Six (6) rounds kneeling - Six (6) rounds standing left barricade, left hand strong hand - Six (6) rounds standing right barricade, right hand strong hand.

Segment 4 - Six (6) rounds in twelve (12) seconds at twenty-five (25) yards standing with no support.

A B-27 target will be used. There will be a short intermission after Stage A for scoring and target repair.

At the beginning of each stage, the weapon must be secured in the shooter’s holster. All reloading will be done with ammunition taken from the competitor’s magazine or speedloader pouches. A competitor will need a minimum of (4) magazines or speedloaders to compete in this match properly.

All magazines and speedloaders will only be loaded with six (6) rounds as this course of fire is revolver friendly.