Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Short Interview with Julie Golob

Mik3 managed to catch up with Julie Golob via Twitter right after her amazing USPSA Nationals win. He asked if she would be willing to share some of her insights into shooting - especially with her new book on the horizon!

First off, all of us at WIILSHOOT would like to congratulate you on your recent USPSA Nationals win and your being the only person to win national titles in all divisions! That is an amazing accomplishment, especially considering that you're like most of our followers: a parent, a spouse, and a career person! What's even better is that a woman was the first to accomplish this feat: Way to go!

Q: What advice would you share with our readers, male and female, that would help them get better and enjoy shooting even more?

A: Thanks so much for the congrats. It was a pretty exciting week!

Safety is always the first thing to focus on as a shooter. The confidence you gain by learning how to safely handle firearms is valuable both on the range and in life in general. Learning to shoot well can be a challenge but also an enjoyable one. Be proud of your performances and do your best to have productive range sessions. Set a realistic goal and stay focused. Finally, I like to always end my training sessions on a positive note. It makes me feel accomplished and keeps me coming back for more.

Don't forget to dry fire! It really jump starts your shooting skills from simple gun handling to trigger control. Shooters commonly underestimate the power of good dry fire training. I only had 400 rounds of ammo for my revolver to shoot the weeks leading up to the USPSA Back to Back Nationals, but an hour a day on my training days gave me the confidence I needed to go after the Revolver Title and to win it.

Whether you have aspirations to be the next national champion or just enjoy shooting as a hobby always remember to be safe and have fun!