Monday, October 24, 2011

A year ago...

When I was a kid, I used to hate the autumn as it meant that we'd be going back to school, getting busy with the holidays and just gettling into the bustle of everyday life. As a grown up, being able to call my own shots, I've come to enjoy autumn's weather and scenery as almost ideal for getting outside and doing something. Additionally, I greatly enjoy the contemplative mood I find myself in while driving to and from matches.


It was just a year ago that several us bought Ernest Langdon out to the Aurora Sportsmen's Club in Waterman, IL for a 2-day Tactical Pistol class. I learned a lot, but got the most value out of two things:

1.) A brief discussion I had with Ernest about how he went about winning his matches/titles. Somethings he mentioned in passing resonated: Essentially, that there was the decision to get better and make a commitment to the sport.

2.) The fact that we brought together IDPA, Tactical Shooter, and a few IPSC shooter to "cross-pollinate" ideas and methods - this experience formed the thought that would become WIILSHOOT.

So, again, on Sunday I found myself at Waterman, listening to the rustle of the dried corn and listening to the distant gobble of the turkeys (HoKa Turkey Farm) while gearing up for the ASC/Howell IDPA match. This time, however, finding folks I'd never met who knew me from the words and service I've written here saying, "Hello." Wow! Flattering!

With the final few days of October on the horizon, and the cold setting in, it has been a great outdoor season and a promising start to WIILSHOOT. To all the folks that have found something here, truly, "Thank you!"