Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bristol Holster-related Accident?

Found this story at the Kenosha News:

Man accidentally shoots self

A Bristol man accidentally shot himself in the leg Sunday night while holstering a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun at the Bristol Gun Club firing range.

According to Kenosha Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Tom Gilley, Lance Jung, 59, had a folding knife in his pocket that partially deflected some of the round.

He was transported to Aurora Medical Center with a a non-life-threatening leg wound, Gilley said.


Looking at Bristol's calendar, I didn't see an action match listed that night; I do wonder if there was a training class being held or if it was just a member doing something inappropriate. Anyone know anything and would care to comment?

Be careful out there! If in doubt, get help/training.

[EDIT: I have decided that the back-and-forth nature of the comment thread regarding this post has devolved from the core values of WIILSHOOT, which is the promotion of safe, responsible use of firearms and the means for people to comment on events, training and promotion of the sport. Please, in the future, stay civil, stay safe, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.]