Monday, November 7, 2011

Oak Park USPSA Steel Match Results - Nov 2011

We rolled out en masse to OPSC yesterday and shot the very challenging - accuracy demanding Steel Match. Everyone was shooting a bit shakily, dropping shots like Jay-Z drops beats, but we managed to pull off some decent finishes:

Steve G and his Tangfo took 2nd in Limited, following a Master-class shooter.

Managed to take 1st in production, despite a few penalties and a stages meltdown - Jay C was right behind me!
Tony A and Chris K took 4th and 5th respectively!

True to form, we hit BBQ to unwind and started talking about the Florida Open and the possibility of getting folks together to roll down to Roger's Shooting School (in GA).

(Picture is a gouge in the drop turner - gouge doesn't count for score - btw, first time I've ever seen one!)