Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIILSHOOT Joins Team Spartan!

Exciting news: WIILSHOOT has joined the Team Spartan Training Network as the official blog of the Spartan Tactical Training Group!

Through this exciting partnership, we hope to increase awareness of the shooting sports and training opportunities in the region; provide after action reports of products and courses; allow Team WIILSHOOT to showcase Spartan's training methods by performing at a high-level in local, state, and national events; and finally, help serve as RSO's on a limited basis when, and where, possible.

The fit was natural: I've often stated that in my short exposure to the action shooting sports (since '07), I've learned all the fundamentals from John Krupa, Pete Milionis, and the rest of the Spartan Crew. Through this association, I look forward to serving them well!

Check out what we can accomplish through team work!