Thursday, December 29, 2011


I had been experimenting a lot with the Google Calendar API at work and decided to use various clubs schedules as test data... It worked so well, that I figured I'd just share it with everyone... Except, I'd need a site to put it on...

So, armed with some post Christmas vacation time, a couple of links, and love of blogging, I decided to grab Blogger (love it!) and put the calendar on one of the pages.

Was listening to 95.1, WIILRock! on the way to the Starbucks in Schaumburg (they have a fireplace!) and decided that the name could probably work... Sure it'd get misspelled, but it sounded cool!

At some point we made Master in IDPA, made A-class in USPSA, shot a 100% on a classifier, bought in a logo, carved pumpkins, won some matches, and started creating a community around this sport.

I'm glad you're all digging this as much as I am! Next stop? T-Shirts!