Monday, January 30, 2012

CM 06-03 "Can you Count"

I have a special fondness for this stage because it is the first USPSA stage I ever shot. I came late to my first McHenry IPSC match, with a totally new GLOCK 22 .40 and the crappiest leather holster known to man and mags in my pockets. At first they weren't going to let me shoot the match, but Albert and Jerry G took me under their wings and helped get me squared away.

Here are the results from my first rodeo! I ran it in ~22 seconds with all alphas!

Later on, in October of 2009, we ran the stage again and I did better: 10 seconds still with all alphas! In two years, I had saved ~12 seconds - kinda funny, 5 seconds for every year?

The last time we ran this stage was on December 16th, 2010, another year later. By this point I was dry firing almost every day and getting decent with my magazine changes... I had saved another 3 seconds, overall, running it in 7 with change. (Still all alphas.)

This stage is pretty awesome to me - I'm constantly dry-firing the stage at home, working on the draw, the reload, the splits. We ran a slightly modified version of the stage for grins the other night in practice and I shot better than I ever had in my life, posting .17's splits like they were butter and slamming 1.15 changes like no tomorrow... (In the past years, I've had to work really hard to get my splits under .20s - def. a result of working every day with the SIRT pistol...)

The stage is VERY difficult in scoring - to get a 90%, you need to be turning in 3.30 string, which means perfect draw, perfect reload, no trigger freeze and no hesitation!

The good news is that they'll be running this at the WIIT this coming weekend - wondering how I'll do!