Monday, January 2, 2012

McHenry IPSC Updates: Online Registration.

Decision was made to handle the registration process at McHenry IPSC exclusively via online, card-based system.

2011 was a breakout year for the club in regards to attendance, quality of stages and the smoothness with which we're able to run ever-increasing crowds of folks through.

That said, there will be some significant changes made to the way in which matches are coordinated!

1.) We are only going to accept pre-registered folks through EventBrite. The match fee will remain $15.00 and we will cap at 24 competitors (Three match directors are necessary and will be squadded/handled ahead of time.)

2.) If you aren't a USPSA member, we will extend you a courtesy of 2 matches to try it out. After that, you must have a USPSA number in order to shoot. Sign up here. It is $20.00 for an associate membership.

3.) If you register, but do not show, there are no refunds. I'm sorry - part of our goal is to simplify the paperwork and a refund policy is not feasible.

4.) We will no longer accept walk-ins. If you show up with $15.00, I will be forced to turn you away.