Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mik3's Trigger Work

Mik3 is a real S&W M&P aficionado and does some excellent trigger work. He feels having a good trigger has helped him win "Shooter of the Year" at McIDPA, garner some stage-wins and top-10 finishes at some larger regional IDPA matches, and just make the M&P fun to shoot...

While Mik3 is a big fan of the "drop-in" APEX Tactical parts, he says that the stock parts can usually be reworked just as efficiently by a competent smith with the requisite know-how to get consistent, safe and refined trigger pulls. Even a "drop-in" trigger can benefit from some hand fitting. [ NOTE: This I truly believe... There is a lot of variation with the M&P's and merely dropping in an APEX kit or ram doesn't guarantee a good, or even decent trigger!]

Mik3's goal is to work a trigger until the reset is almost GLOCK-like (using a properly fitted APEX ram) but the break is almost 1911-esque. Weight can vary from 3#'s up. He says going lighter is possible, but depends on the pistol and shooter. [NOTE: I've seen some folks adjusting their own guns go too light and get doubles or have the gun brick! SCARY!]

A week ago he adjusted four of Team Spartan founder, John Krupa's pistols. They're all breaking at consistently near 5 3/4 #'s, use stock firing pins and springs and are safe.

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