Friday, February 10, 2012

Fisking Rahm Emanuel's Gun Control Policy

Chances are, if you're reading this blog, you're an Illinois or Wisconsin resident that takes part in the Action Shooting sports. You represent a minority, albeit one that is shifting due to shows like Top Shot and Sons of Guns and video games like Call of Duty. You probably have several handguns - perhaps a couple of stock gun, a few custom built limited and open guns and probably a few hand-me-downs.

If I just described you, and you live in Illinois, you might want to stick with this and read a little more.

Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, yesterday, proposed the idea of a state-wide handgun registration scheme, which would cost the owner $65.00 per firearm for a 5 years "title".

His justification for this is the following:

"A state law requiring handgun owners to register their guns - just like they register their cars - will increase the safety of our residents."

I'm apt to disagree for the following simple reason:

You can own and use a vehicle on your own property without having to pay registration for it.

Perhaps you're a collector... Perhaps you have a farm and need to get around... Whatever the justification, this is how it is.

Now, what does a registration/license allow a car owner to do? If you answered, "Drive it on the public roadways", you're correct. So my question back to Rahm is, "If it were truly like an auto registration, would Illinois finally recognize concealed carry in public?"

I'm not a fan. The goal sure doesn't seem to be safety but, rather, fulfillment of Rahm's Chicago-democrat agenda which now seems to be dictating terms to the rest of the state.