Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Long-term Review of My I-Shot Ghurka Bag

My awesome wife bought me an I-Shot Ghurka Range Backpack for my birthday back in July. I first put it to use during the 2011 Wisconsin Sectional. I have really liked it, but, unfortunately, there are a few long-term flaws which make me question the overall quality. (Just as a disclosure - this is part of my "kit" that I've listed on If you see me at a match, 90% that I'm going to have there...)


The layout is well thought out and well designed. The following video summarizes well all the features:

Suffice to say, the features really make the bag worth it.


Let me preface this and say that some of my gripes are very specific. Another person's backpack may be perfect...

- Productions shooter generally have pouches behind them. This makes the use of a backpack difficult, especially if carrying magazines.

- The ammo containment area seems too smal - it'd be nice to be able to fit 2 stacked MTM ammo cases in there for a total of 400 rounds. Most major USPSA matches require ~300. Most competitors will bring an extra 100.

- The magazine carrier pouch did not fit my GLOCK magazines well. Tapered steel magazines seem to fit well, but the plastic-fantastic didn't.

- The biggest issue I'm having is that the cordura fabric near the zipper/top of the bag is starting to shred. I wonder if this is from the fact that I do carry the bag a lot (that magazine issue vs. backpack again), especially when crammed full of pistols, or if it was just a defect. Needless to say, this makes me a bit upset as the bag is not cheap.