Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making the tough call...

USPSA scoring is pretty rich - sometimes too rich. While running a competitor at the WIIT, we saw this confusing scenario, took what we knew into consideration, then made our call. After that, we debated for days, finally asking Perry Wilson his professional opinion.

I'll post the answer from Perry Wilson in the comments on the 27th, but before I do, what are your calls on this?

Who can wait until the 27th?

The answer that came back from Perry was:

At the top of the Hard cover target, there is a non scoring perf with a no-shoot behind it. The non-scoring perf does exist. Therefore, if there is a partial diameter hit on the non-scoring perf, it would also count as a hit on the no-shoot.

(He did also say that this was a bad array, sloppily constructed...)

I'm convinced that a few of the other RO's I know are going to ask for clarification on this from USPSA.