Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Safariland 071 Pouch - Initial Impressions

Upon seeing Bill Rogers wearing one at the 2011 Law Enforcement Training Camp, I decided to order a Safariland 71 magazine carrier. It is an injection molded, totally ambidextrous (Mik3's lefty seal of approval!) magazine carrier with an integral belt loop.

Really not much to it at all...

I set it up on my Wilderness Belt and the first thing that I noticed that it is tight getting it onto the belt. I guess the good news is that it won't move a lot, but it does mean that it might be a nuisance to setup for daily concealed carry; we all know that things that are "annoying" to setup are the first thing to go from a daily routine when we've got to get out the door, drop the kids off at school, get to work, etc...

The pouch is IDPA legal - it covers enough of the front of the magazine, retains the magazine while upside down, is suitable for everday CCW use, etc

When I finally got it attached and set to the right location, it yielded some pretty decent presentations with my full-size GLOCK 9/40-form factor magazines. The pouch was a little slower than the Safariland 074 pouches that I'm using now, but I attribute that to lack of familiarity.

At ~$15.00 a pop, these are pretty cheap, and fit in a rangebag for loaner or spare use if necessary.