Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Aurora Sportsmen's Club Practical Rifle, March 2012

SteveG, crack shot of the "Awfull Shooting Squad", headed out to learn how IDPA scoring works and see how his rifle build held up at the recent ASC Practical Rifle match.

Anyway... trying something different this time! Late last year I finished my first AR-15 build, and up until now the only shooting I'd done with it was at the range making sure it even works. Luckily it functions flawlessly, and the only work needed is with me.

Being that this was the first time I'd ever shot a rifle in a competative capacity, I newbied it up all over the place, ending up 20th out of 37 shooters (using IDPA scoring, barf). That said, aside from practice, I need to re-zero my scope and learn the hold-overs for various distances, and as awesome as the offset iron sights are, I'm probably going to ditch them completely and focus on just the optic.

Having one rifle between two people, it got shot for six total stages, and the damn Contour camera somehow only grabbed two useable videos despite the fact that I thought I turned it on before each stage. I'm beginning to regret getting the stupid thing and not going with a nicer V.I.O. or something. I wouldn't be able to mount it to the rifle, but that effect wasn't as useful as I was expecting.

Regardless, with a new shotgun coming my way soon and a the outdoor season starting up, there's going to be a good number of 3-gun matches to hit up this year! Time to practice!

I've got to get out to one of those matches...