Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rogers Trip: Day 4

Started today by shooting the test and underperformed a bit, landing a 97. After lunch (I ate tuna fish and ate light), I brought my game face and landed a 112. Shot A LOT of weak-hand today, which is awesome; everyone needs more weak-hand love.


Tonight we shoot in the dark... I guess we'll just how bright my muzzle flash is...

Funny thing that happened:

1.) Bill Rogers runs a demo on a shot timer, explaining to us how to practice. I ask about running transitions faster. See, Rogers estimates transitions at .5 seconds and in USPSA and IDPA, we run roughly .3 second transitions. So, Bill Rogers called me out on it, asking me to ding to head plates with a .3 split... Game face on, I pulled it off... Though he called me slow to my first shot: I was nervous as hell!

2.) While we're asking Bill Rogers a question, a tree fell in the forest... Which answered one of life's persistent questions: It made a lot of noise. (Deafeningly loud!!)