Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rogers Trip: Getting down to Georgia

We had a wonderful 12 hour drive down to Atlanta yesterday - the weather was great, warming up to the mid-60's after Nashville, and replete with bright blue skies!

We stopped for a bite in Nashville at an amazing burger shack, Rotier's, before jumping back on the road.

About 30 minutes outside of Nashville, we stopped at The Outpost Armory to browse some of the cool stuff that they had there - like being a kid in a candy shop! We didn't really need anything, and not finding any funky old High Standards, we decided to leave before we did find something to spend our cash on.

After arriving in Atlanta, the high point of the day was the amazing pizza at Varasano's. Apparently, Jeff Varasano was a NY transplant to Atlanta who missed the taste of NY pizza from back home. Being an evil super genius, he decided to decode the secrets of pizza - i.e. what makes an amazing pizza amazing? Sauce? Cheese? Crust? - a pursuit probably just as involved as learning how to become a IPSC GM.

As we dove into our first pizza margherita with sopressata, we immediately understood this guy's culinary obsession. Truly the most amazing crust I've ever experienced... If you're in Atlanta, you owe it to yourself to taste one of the worlds best NY-style pizzas.