Monday, March 12, 2012

Rogers Trip: Getting to Rogers and Day 1

After sleeping in, Tony and I spent most of Sunday tooling around the north end of Atlanta through some really nice neighborhoods. We made a detour to Smyrna to drive by GLOCK (even through they were closed) and take a few photos out front.

After that, we decided to drive the rest of the way up to Ellijay, about 70 miles out of Atlanta up in the hills. We arrived a bit early and cautiously drove up to the "lodge"... There was no welcome party, no real directions or instructions, etc... So, we knocked on
the door and walked in to meet a few other guys who were all doing the quiet observation alpha male routine. Cool... I guess we had arrived. The accommodations could best be described as "rustic" and we settled into our room and picked our bunks.

The rest of the crew trickled in until ~7PM when Bill Rogers made his appearance and described his process and many of the concepts he presented in his excellent book, "Be Fast, Be Accurate, Be the Best".

In the morning, we had breakfast and rolled out to the the range, which is located roughly 20 minutes from the range. The scenery along the route is amazing; spring has definitely hit this part of the country!

There are many references to the shooting aspects, so I'll spare you the boring details. Suffice to say that I've learned a lot and identified a few problem areas in my techniques (Strong hand reload, specifically). I ended the day shooting a 105 - with A LOT of room for improvement.

More tomorrow...