Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Team Spartan Training Date Updates!

Several of us at WIILSHOOT proudly wear John Krupa's Team Spartan Logo on our jersey's - in the picture above, Kerry Dean and I are on the far right!! (Can you find the giant smurf with a scattergun?)

He's given us so much insight in how to shoot well, train hard and mentally get into the zone. As I've said many times - I've pretty new at all of this and it is really because of Team Spartan's guidance that I've been able to do as well as I do.

Spartan's focus, for a long time, was on law enforcement training. While that still forms the bread-and-butter of their approach, a lot of the skills they teach carry over directly to competitive shooting; things like learning to run the firearm subconsciously, learning how much of a sight picture you really need, etc... To that end, they've been offering more classes related to meet those ends.

The training calendar now has a few pistol courses and several AR classes in the Elkhorn, WI area...