Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Breaking News: IPSC in Netherlands to End

All of us who participate in this sport, better yet, this culture, must be vigilant. Truly a sad day:

From Martin Bos, ISPC Netherlands:

A letter of our minister of Justice (what is in a name?) has been published. And an agreement between the justice department and our sport representative (KNSA).

All dynamic disciplines will be sacrificed. IPSC (handgun, rifle), DSR and all the other. KNSA has backstabbed us. Effective on December 31, 2012. The words ‘combat shooting’ and ‘lone wolves’ are mentioned. On the long term all semi auto rifles (with ‘those aggressive looks’) might be banned.

There will be no government funded weapons handover, there is no compensation at all. You can have your gear but there will be no disciplines for it. Weapon value equals the scrap iron value. Using strict IPSC-rifles will be forbidden and enforced.

1000 Shooters in the Netherlands are sacrificed in the name of a safer society. Because one lunatic went on a shooting spree in the town of ‘Alphen aan de Rijn’. A man who, under current law, never should have been allowed to have legal firearms. To make matters worse, the shooting incident in Norway is being put up as a reason. An incident the Norwegian government says that they do not intend to change firearms laws because a mad man cannot be stopped by tougher legislation on firearms possession.

We are sentenced for life. And that in a country where pedophiles have all the rights to exercise their feelings and multi-rapists only get a few year in jail.

We are sad....